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Our platform started after hearing dozens of foreigners, from all nationalities and walks of life, ask the same question:

"How can I start a life in Japan?"

Some were motivated by a passion for the country, others by family reasons but all were facing the same issue: the lack of insights on how to get started.

The paperwork-heavy administration, complex layers in interpersonal communication, extensive language nuances and a very unique culture quickly add up, forming an overwhelming amount of challenges.

In a similar situation, there is nothing more valuable than listening to the feedbacks of people who went through the exact same process, walked the exact same paths and found their way through the maze. Often very personal ways.

To share the knowledge of foreigners who built a successful life in Japan!

This is our mission. We are here to help others achieve the same dream.

While a few great blogs and platforms also understood this need and specialised in niche areas like startups & entrepreneurship, we chose diversity. We decided to share the stories of foreigners only, all from many different backgrounds, for one reason: one's dream is made of multiple threads and inspiration can be found in many stories.

Meet our team

Paul Gaumer -

Born in France, Paul spent the past 10 years living, working and building a life in Japan.

He experienced in a decade a wide range of situations an expatriate could face:

  • Studied in a Japanese University
  • Employed by both Japanese & International firms
  • Recruited for Fortune 500 companies
  • Became entrepreneur & created his company in Japan
  • Developed a whole new industry (coding bootcamps) and helped hundreds of people change their lives through learning how to code
  • Hired and managed teams of talents
  • Sold his company in Japan

He is now traveling back and forth between France and Tokyo, helping people succeed in Japan and collaborating on several startup projects.

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